Israel, The Natural Place to Study the Bible

Since 1974 Baptists for Israel Institute has provided young people with a life changing cross-cultural experience in the land of Israel.  Options include:

  1. A College Sophomore or Junior year in Israel
  2. A Summer Internship program
  3. Master of Arts in Israel Studies
  4. Two week Seminar trip to Israel for pastors and laymen
  5. Two week Bible Geography Course

These are designed to give you a study/internship experience in a foreign country.   In addition to the classroom instruction, you will become personally acquainted with Israelis as you live, work as volunteers, and travel among the people of Israel.  You will learn about the unique culture of the people and participate in their Biblical holidays. The country is your classroom as you study the Bible on location. See Sample Year photos.

All these experiences combine and become a valuable asset for your future as a teacher, pastor,  businessman, professional, or any career path you choose.

Blog Posts

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Info About Our 2-Week Seminar Trip to Israel

The Jensens, seminar participants - FL